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October 11, 2017

Is this Bias Reporting in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn Eagle?

John Alexander John Quaglione Paula Katinas


Today I saw this strange headline in The Eagle and then a little bit of information about Justin Brannan under it. Why wouldn’t Brannan have made the headline as well?  Both Paula Katinas and John Alexander wrote the story together. Didn’t either writer think anything was wrong with leaving Brannan out of the headline?  





We’re used to this type of reporting in Bay Ridge.


It’s a shame the journalists do their in front of their family, friends and a community where people know them.  On the last article, I pointed out John Alexander gave preferential treatment in The Eagle.   A neighbor said, “I’m surprised he would do that because I know John’s wife and she’s so nice.”  So they do this in the community where people know their spouses and they don’t care. 


When Quaglione ran in 2013, The Eagle did the same type of reporting and he still lost.  





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