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  • November 16, 2015

    Best Soup in Bay Ridge

    best soup in bay ridge 11209 pho ramen noodles



    Updated: December 2017


    When the weather starts to get chilly like it is now,  I LOVE  soup. Here are my favorites. If you know of any other places, leave it in the comments – thanks!


    My favorite soup in Bay Ridge is lentil soup from Bombay Indian Restaurant – it’s called  Mulligatawny Soup. Mulligatawny soup is like a tomato/lentil (but the lentils are cooked into the soup so it’s just a tasty tomato-ish type soup. The lentils can’t be seen). I order that and a slice of bread (it’s called onion kulcha bread) – it’s a big fluffy bread.


    Brooklyn Market  8102 3rd Avenue   718-567-8600   has amazing clam chowder and broccoli and cheese soup, plus three other soups that rotate – quick pickup on the way home – pints and quarts (you have to make it hot)  


    Nonno’s Pizzeria – Delicious Tortellini Soup


    95th Street Diner – 95th and 4th Avenue – **Chicken orzo (chicken and rice) – I had this on 12/9/17 and it was soooo fresh and delicious. Lee swears by their cream of turkey soup (available on Sunday) – they also have French onion soup

    Casa Calamari –  8602- 3rd Avenue    718- 921-1900    pasta fagioli and tortellini soup   
    Gino’s Restaurant has a good chicken soup!
    Peppinos 7708 3rd Ave 718-833-3364  lentil soup and pasta fagioli everyday $6.50
    Skinflints –  7902 5th Avenue  718- 745-1116 – amazing French onion soup
    ALC Italian Grocery – I hear they have soup, so I have to try this place soon.
    Gourmet Fit – 6819 – 3rd Avenue – low calorie sweet potato and kale soup
    Bagel Schmegel is selling Brooklyn Ladle’s soups – chicken matzoh ball 
    Emphasis Diner also has matzoh ball soup. 6822 4th Avenue
    86 Noodles –  8608 4th Avenue  718-833-5300   Ramen noodle soup with pork and dumplings or wonton soup  (but if I want real ramen – then I go here)
    Pho Hoi on 4th and 86th has good Pho Soup  (more pho places here)
    Uncle Louie G’s – 8702 – 3rd Avenue –  Hale & Hearty soups.
    Lighthouse Cafe  7506 3rd Avenue   good soup
    Parkway Deli  7502 3rd Avenue – has Brooklyn Laddle Soup – open 24 hrs
    Ice Deli 7404 3rd Avenue has Brooklyn Laddle Soup
    Panera   531-86th Street  has creamy tomato, corn chowder, French onion soup, broccoli cheddar soup & turkey chili – soup goes with panini
    Anthony’s Butcher and Deli –   7324 – 3rd Avenue     718- 748-4184       beef barley soup 
    Panenino Rustico –  8222 17th Avenue   718-236-6343     beef barley  and cream of broccoli soup (great)


     Avgolemmeno soup (which is Greek chicken soup with lots of lemon and tempered egg to make it creamy)
    •  Elia Restaurant 8611 3rd Avenue
    • Blue Door Souvlakia Restaurant 8413 3rd Avenue  718-680-8600
    • Bay Ridge Diner 8017 5th Avenue
    Outside of Bay Ridge – Dyker Heights at Meat Supreme – Chicken Noodle Soup – fantastic!








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