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May 14, 2017

Bay Ridge Woman Attacked – Attempted Robbery

Update:  The woman was going to buy makeup from someone off Craigslist at 10 pm outside of her house. Who does that?  Everyone knows there are creeps on Craigslist. If you need makeup go to Sephora, if you want it cheaper, get to the drugstore. The real story did not come out until days later.

The Daily News reported that a 24 year old Bay Ridge woman near 72nd and 7th Avenue was put in a headlock and had a gun put to her stomach.

The woman spoke to AJ Burkett  (see video) and said she was afraid because they haven’t been caught. But something doesn’t add up with this story because why would she go on television when they know where she lives. Maybe the news reporters missed part of the story.

The suspects are three Asian men – 25-30 years old. There are two in the pictures below. Here’s what is weird – one of the pictures appears to be from social media, rather than her doorstep or an overhead video camera.




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