October 17, 2019

Bay Ridge Pumpkin Smasher


Update – see story here


Maybe he doesn’t like the color orange or he just doesn’t like pumpkins, but the Bay Ridge Pumpkin Smasher has been caught on camera on 81st Street between 3rd and 4th Avenues!





Is this a Halloween prank?  Apparently not because the 68th Precinct put out a notice:





The pumpkin smasher appeared as a photographer at On Pointe Dancewear Store at  7207  Third Avenue today. That’s him taking pictures below.  



 And neighbors said they saw him at The Bookmark Shoppe last night. 



And of course the mean Pumpkin Smasher story has a sweet Bay Ridge hero making the world better. A good neighbor replaced the destroyed pumpkin you saw in video above because people care about children here – not just their own kids, but all kids.  You can see the note larger here   (If you left the pumpkin….you are amazing…thank you!)



The Bay Ridge Pumpkin Smasher also smashed a pumpkin two weeks ago….strangely at the end of this video, it looks like he is carrying a pet (cat or small dog?)



The top of his head appears to be bald in the video. 





The news is having a good time with puns on this story. The television news called the story: ” Smashing Pumpkins.”

The Post today 10/19:









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