March 16, 2020

Bay Ridge Grocery Stores to Order From

1. Foodtown – 3rd Avenue and 91st Street 

See store

Instacart delivery – two day wait sometimes



2. Anthony’s Butcher on 3rd Avenue and the corner of 73rd Street

Call in your order 718-748-4184  and pay ahead.

Prioritizing deliveries for the elderly and the disabled.

Sells meats, deli meat, cheese, sandwiches, pasta & sauce


3.  Keyfood on 3rd Avenue and 75th Street.   718 – 745-1093

$6 delivery charge through instacart.

It will take several days for this delivery.



4. Food Emporium on  3rd Avenue and 80th Street

Fformerly Brooklyn Market  718-567-8600

5. Met Fresh – 3rd Avenue and 96th Street



6. Food Dynasty – 86th Street and 15th Avenue

Order Online



7. SuperFresh 242 Bay Ridge Avenue.  718-836-5545 

They take phone orders and deliver.

Instacart shopping


8. Keyfood on 69th Street between ridge and 3rd Avenue. I know they deliver and I think you can order via the phone



9.Superfresh at 7002 13th Avenue    718 -795-2424

They take phone orders and deliver.

Instacart shopping



10. Netcost Market



11. 3 Guys from Brooklyn, ALC Grocery and Meats Supreme used Mercato

12. LaBella

13. Foodtown on Stillwell Avenue – faster delivery

14.Peapod – long wait


15. Fresh Direct


16. Amazon Groceries – 3 days – sometimes they are out of things


17. Whole Foods – 3rd Avenue and 3rd Street


18. Wegmans – I use them because they are a huge store. Several days until they deliver. I don’t want to deplete stores here when the seniors need them.  $7 delivery plus tip 



19. Shoprite Instacart – Fast

20. Food2Talk is delivering groceries in Brooklyn. No-contact delivery 

(833)333-TOGO (8646)
(833)933-FOOD (3663)


* Invisible Hands is doing deliveries for seniors





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