August 4, 2020

Bay Ridge Free Covid-19 Testing – Fast Too

Update on Testing in Bay Ridge or Nearby in Brooklyn:

Updated August 5th:

1) NYC Free Rapid Testing at PS 503 on 60th Street and 3rd Avenue. Free covid rapid test (not antibody). This guy on Twitter wrote: that he got to the school around 10:00 am, the doors opened at noon and he was out with the instant results by 1:30 pm.” When I left the people towards the front of the line had been waiting in line for two hours already and would have had a way longer wait inside than me

2) Bay Chemist at 8702 5th Avenue has the rapid Covid Test – results in 15 minutes for $80.

3) Carecube at 7404 – 5th Avenue with testing results in 45 minutes. You can wait for your results or they can call you with the results. They are open 8 – 3 pm 5th Avenue and 74th Street (next to Pineapple Farms which is on the corner) has a Covid Rapid Results test. Get your results in 30 -40 minutes. *For this test, you need insurance to get this fast results test – not free. If you don’t have insurance, you get the slow results (unless you pay cash for the fast results test)


4) Drive-thru at 888 Fountain Avenue – It’s at the Gateway Exit on the Belt Parkway. 11208. Results in 18 hours. Free.

5) NYU (Lutheran Hospital) 150 55th Street in Sunset Park. Two Days for results

6) Kings County Hospital at 451 Clarkson Avenue has Covid tests with a 24-30 hour return time. Free. No appointment needed. Site shows they are open Monday, Wednesday and Friday for testing. 

7) COVID testing site at 8511 5th Avenue (yes the old American greeting card store’s). They have the regular Covid-19 test. They don’t have the antibody tests. Walk-in, no appointment. It takes about 7 minutes for the whole process there.  Free test – no health insurance needed. People are waiting 12 days for results (was quicker in June).


8) City MD at 8712 – 4th Avenue also have the antibody test.  718-530-1155. In August, the results now take 7-10 days (From May – June, it was 2-3 days)

9) Pro Health Urgent Care on 100th Street (100-33 4th Avenue). Call: 347-909-7044. Results is 7-10 days.

10) SOMOS is outside of 757 – 60 Street (between 7th and 8th Avenue.  

They have the COVID-19 IgM/IgG Test site  (which means this is a free Covid testing and antibody testing too)

9:00 – 5:00 pm.   1-833-SOMOSNY



Call: 1-833-SOMOSNY (1-833-766-6769)

The site is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

Requirement for Antibody Test:  At least 2 weeks after the testing or symptoms started or has close contact with COVID-19 patients

*Must call to schedule appointment   

11) GPM has the antibody testing. They are testing kids and parents too. (It was 48 hours for the results now longer)

12) PM Pediatrics at 1823 86th Street tests children.

13)  If your doctor writes a script, you can do the test at Quest.

14) If  you don’t want someone swiping your nose with the the long swabs, Staten Island has the self-swab test (drive through test)





Sites Testing for Antibodies in Bay Ridge







1) RJ Medical & Urgent Care at 464 Bay Ridge Avenue in Brooklyn     Call:  718-680-6006

2) Quest Diagnostics at 7601 -4th Avenue has the test. 718-833-2354. 

Here it says the test cost $119




3)  City MD at 8712 – 4th Avenue also have the antibody test.  718-530-1155. Results now at 7-10 days

Update: My friend called them early today. They said the office was busy and she should wait until later because there is over an hour wait. This is a blood test, so the test are not going to run out. My friend went in at 2:30 and was out before 3:00. She didn’t have to pay a co-payment and the test was covered completely under her insurance. Results used to be in 48 hours now much longer!


4)  Artisians of Medicine at 466 Bay Ridge Avenue 347-836-6923


5) Pro Health Ft. Hamilton on 101st & 4th Avenue

6) Congressman Max Rose helped get equipment for coronavirus antibody testing at 1857 86th Street.   Call: 718-232-1515 



7) Dr Jonathan  Leibowitz at 1343 55th Street –  Ground Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11219    718-972-7222   



8) Dr. Anna Suponya  – 9920 – 4th Avenue  #206.  718-238-8373










Three Rapid Test Sites opened in Long Island

Only13 minutes to wait for the COVID-19 test.  See here




March 31st Update: Now there are walk-up coronavirus testing stations.

You must have an appointment for any of these places. Call:  1-844-692-4692








6010 Bay Parkway



3808 – 14th Avenue






On Friday, March 20th, there will be drive-thru coronavirus testing at the Ida G. Israel Community Health Center at  2925 W 19th Street



Coney Island Hospital is a COVID Assessment Center. Call for an appointment:  1-844-692-4692









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