November 7, 2019

Bay Ridge Catholic Academy



Bay Ridge Catholic Academy has a website. It will open in September 2020. They are focusing on engineering and the arts.

It looks like Holy Angels school site – just a different color.


No. Do better than this!  




Protip: Call Xaverian High School and hire their web developer to get a fresh site!! 



The school has a chance to be the best in Brooklyn, but they are keeping too much of the old stuff.

There’s no chance for new if you are using the same Board of Directors – put fresh blood on the board. 

Whoever chose that site design, get rid of them…chose someone who can dream and imagine more. Actually, that person should do the right thing and step down, so the school can be setup by educators and parents,  who have a bigger vision for this school.




Protip 2:  Get a mural painted on a wall in cafeteria or gym and take pics in front of it. People want to see new! 

Anyone with an ounce of sense would share pictures on the new site where a child was wearing anything but a new uniform (so shirts and sweatshirts should have been made and on display…..not old uniforms).  




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