April 2, 2016

Bay Ridge Businesses Closing Fast 2015 – 2020

bay ridge business

Bay Ridge small shops have been closing along Third and Fifth Avenues.


Many of these shops  were owned by people who became part of our community and greeted us by name or remembered what we ordered last time we visited them. Some shops have been part of Bay Ridge for decades and are missed by the locals.


Sure there are many reasons for  businesses failing.  Some places don’t have enough revenue to start up, some have too many owners, some owners decide to retire, but many of the businesses on this list closed for other reasons. High rents and  high health code fines have taken out a lot of these businesses on our avenues.


Nicole Malliotakis claimed that Big Business chain stores were coming.  Malliotakis is incorrect about that as  the Bensonhurst Bean reported that Bay Ridge was the neighborhood that had the Most Chain Food Places in Brooklyn.



January 2020


  • Haverti Cafe and Lounge is opening at 6709 – 5th Avenue. Info


  • Bagels and More is opening on the corner of 73rd and 3rd Avenue where Don Mario used to be. (Info here) Don Mario is now incorporated into at Mi Tierra 7204 – 3rd Avenue (same family)


  • Bernstone & Grieco Injury Attorneys moved into 556 – 86th Street – see here


  • Imperial Antique Reproductions at 556 – 86th


  • Sukana Sushi at 8121 – 5th Avenue has been closed since the start of the year. Info here


  • Deals 99 Cents Store at 7019 3rd Avenue announced they were closing after 22 years on the Avenue.


  • Boggie Doggie 2 on 5th Avenue Closed – See here – (the 3rd Avenue Boggie Doggie store is open)


  • Dime Bank on the corner of 3rd Avenue and 76th Street closed. See here


  • Pig Pig Cafe – a bubble tea shop opened  at 7115 – 3rd Avenue, where Audrey’s Concerto used to be (that closed in July 2019).  See here


  • Al Shaibani Restaurant at 7317 – 5th Avenue closed – I just noticed the empty shop  next to Schnitzel Haus  (They only opened last March)


  • Aleli Mexican Restaurant opened in place of the law firm – see here


  • South Brooklyn Islamic Center – a new mosque? opened where Realty Nerd used to be (next to Omonia Cafe) – see here


  • RealtyNerd’s office quietly closed – see here


  • Ms. Jenn’s Little Achievers is opening in Bay Ridge – see here



December 2019


  • Pavlounis & Sfouggatakis, LLP Attorneys At Law is at the old newspaper’s office at 9733 – 4th Avenue.  See here

  • Papa John’s hung a sign at 8015 – 5th Avenue where No Quarter Tavern used to be (that closed in August 2018) due to gang violence.  See here


  • Play and Say 2 opened across the street from the original Play and Say (children’s language and therapy) where Debra Rose used to be at 7622- 3rd Avenue.


  • Eight months after hanging a sign, Dollar Basket opened at 7913 – 3rd Avenue.  It’s a discount store and everything isn’t a dollar.


  • Santorini Restaurant and Cafe opens on 12/13. See here


  • Moko Nail Salon opened on Bay Ridge Avenue.  See here.


  • Rimas Star Fashions opened at 6752 – 5th Avenue. NYC Deli and Grocery was here. See here


  • Don Mario’s moved into 7204 – 3rd Avenue leaving an empty storefront at 7302 – 3rd Avenue. See here  This corner storefront is empty (Don Mario’s only exists on Seamless now)


  • Costello’s Ace Hardware (formerly Polstein’s) on 13th Avenue announced they are closing in February and are having sales now. See here


  • Amuni Sicilian Restaurant opened at 7217 – 3rd Avenue where Burger Bistro used to be. See here


  • Brooklyn Brew Cafe opened at 310 – 79th Street. See here


  • Magic Lash Salon opened on 7718 – 3rd Avenue (Where Alex Limo and Car Service used to be) – across the street from The Greenhouse Cafe – see here


  • Time for Salad on 86th Street finally opened where Nothing Fits used to be. See here



November 2019


  • Luan’s Coffee Shop hung a sign at 7405 – 5th Avenue. See here


  • Clockface Coffeeshop opened on 74th Street off Third Avenue – See here


  • Peace by Piece Thrift Store is opening where Circles Restaurant used to be at 69`13 – 3rd  Avenue – See here


  • Brooklyn Floral Market on Ovington and 7th is having an Out of Business sale – See here


  • Spanglish Eats at 6917 – 4th Avenue was only open for seven months. We are sorry to see it closed. See here


  • Burger Bistro at 7217 – 3rd Avenue closed. Their Park Slope restaurant is still open. See here.


  • NYC Grocery and Deli closed quietly. – 6752 5th Avenue.


October 2019



  • Broadway Pizza at 534 86th Street closed. It opened in August 2018, but it wasn’t the right spot for a pizzeria because the well-known Pizza Wagon is so close by.


  • Lighthouse Cafe has a sign that Authentic Mexican Food is coming to their restaurant – Is it a new owner?  Will update soon.


  • Sketch Beauty Club opened at 7025 3rd Avenue where Snowdrop Florist used to be (next to Snowdys)


  • Leske’s Bakery was closed by the Marshall, but will reopen on 10/16


  • Ridge Kids is coming to 8122 – 3rd Avenue where Chic Boutique used to be – see here


  • Aleli Mexican Restaurant hung a sign at 78th Street and 3rd Avenue – see here 


  • Bay Ridge Security closed their office on Bay Ridge Avenue (I still see their car in the area). A realtor posted a video to rent out the storefront – see here


September 2019


  • Brooklyn Bay Seafood opened – see here   


  • Bay Ridge Bicycles opened  – see here


  • Spartan Souvlaki closed after being in business for many years – see here



  • Zheng’s Beauty Salon is opening here



  • Rainbow Hair Salon closed – see here


  • Juicy Chicken opened where Fig and Olive Tree was – see here


  • Sancho`s  Restaurant at 74th and 3rd has a coming soon sign to reopen under a new owner – same chef


  • Abboco Jewelry closed – the proprietor passed on – see here


  • Onofrio Jewelers opened  at 1272A Bay Ridge Pkwy


August 2019


  • Acki’s Juice Bar & Sandwiches opened on Bay Ridge Avenue just off 4th Avenue – see here


  • Wu Nails and Spa is opening at Marty Golden’s old campaign office – 7615 – 3rd Avenue – see here





  • Bay Ridge Bicycle World 8916 3rd Avenue is closing soon.


  • Mixx Boutique opened on 3rd – see here


  • Chic Boutique closed quietly at 8122 – 3rd Avenue


  • Santorini Cafe is coming to 5th Avenue – see here



  • Snipes Sneaker Store opened on 86th Street – see here 


  • Healthy Pets moved from 7620 – 3rd Avenue to 7606 – 3rd Avenue Bay Ridge,  where O Spa used to be. 



July 2019


  • Miki Sushi Japanese Restaurant at 6816 – 4th Avenue opened (a small grocery store was there before)


  • Brooklyn Bay Seafood Restaurant is coming to 7026 3rd Avenue. This is the former location of  Ginny’s $5.00 – $9.00 Restaurant which closed in May.


  • New Senior Center coming to 3rd Avenue – see here


  • Audrey’s Concerto at 7115 – 3rd Avenue closed. They take orders for cakes on Facebook and deliver to the new place – Pig Pig Cafe. She said goodbye with this cake:





  • 85th Street Discount Store opened at 8420 – 5th Avenue. There used to be a men’s store at this location. The variety store sells shopping wagons, beach balls and other odds and ends.


  • Circles Cafe at the new location closed – For Rent signs are on the building



  • Debra Rose  announced it was going out of business



  • O Spa Closed at 7606 – 3rd Avenue 



June 2019


  • Taco Wow opened at  8612 4th Avenue



  • Circles has been closed for renovations. They had plans to add a bakery to the restaurant, but now their phone has been disconnected.  See here   


  • Gigi Bakery  opened on 4th Avenue at the old 1-800 Flowers store


  • Dolphin Gym on 4th Avenue  between 85th and 86th Street closed.  Residents said the building code didn’t allow for the basement


  • Solidary Space no longer has a storefront at 307 82nd Street. There new address is a house at 415 78th Street.


May 2019


  • Blend Coffee and CoWork Coffee Shop opened at 6808 – 4th Avenue – see here 


  • Chobana hung their sign where Casa Calamari used to be.


  • Snowdrop Flower shop is closing on 5/31 – see here


  • Congressman Rose, Senator Gounardes and Councilman Brannan’s office at 8203 – 3rd Avenue is almost complete – see here.





  • Snowdays is opening at 7025 – 3rd Avenue in Bay Ridge soon (they had a July opening – see here)



April 2019



  • Dollar Basket takes hung a sign at the former Olive Tree Market’s spot at 7913 – 3rd Avenue.  Olive Tree Market closed February 2019 – it had only been open since May 2018.



  • Time for Salad announced that it is opening on 480 – 86th Street where the iconic “Nothing Fits” Clothing store that was going out of business was (and actually went out of business in the Spring of 2018)




  • Gourmet Fresh hung a sign where  Associated Supermarket was at 530 – 86th Street. Associated closed in November.



March 2019




  • Charter Communications/Spectrum hung a sign on the store which used to house Panera Bread on 86th Street




  • Eleni & 7 Star Greek Bakery closed. It was at 280 – 86th Street


  • The Home Reporter will be moving from 9733 – 4th Avenue, as the building was sold. The new office will be on 6th Avenue (but no address has been given yet) A law office is setting up in that large space.



  • Giacomo’s Restaurant was sold. Luliano’s Restaurant is opening in Giacomo’s spot on 79th and 3rd Avenue


  • Bay Ridge Yoga moved from 9016 – 4th Avenue to 8020 3rd Avenue 



February 2019


  • Splanglish Eats is opening  at 6917 – 4th Avenue is opening where Eddie’s Hero Place used to be.


  • Olive Tree Marketplace at 7918 3rd Avenue closed. It opened last May, but was placed on the market several months later.


  • Chinos Tyre Shop is opening on 3rd Avenue and 77th Street – across the street from Greenhouse Cafe  (Councilman Brannan said the area is not zone for this type of business)


  • C&A Fruit and Vegetables is opening at 8011 – 5th Avenue – there are two other grocery stores on the block


  • Hemos Spot (juice bar) is opening where Oxy Cafe used to be at 6929 5th Avenue. Hemos Spot had a much smaller storefront at 486 Bay Ridge Avenue – see here 


  • Petland Discounts is closing…..the entire frachise is closing because the owner died and his daughter is closing the business.


  • Payless 439 86th Street. The corporation went bankrupt and is closing many stores.


  • Gelston Avenue Deli and Grocery 530 92nd Street closed after being open for decades (but was run down and there hasn’t been a deli there for a longggg time)


  • Lucky 7’s Deli opened at  7626 – 5th Avenue. Click the link and then you can see inside the store by scrolling right on the picture (not the arrow all the way on the right, but the arrow between the picture….halfway down and before the text box)




January 2019



  • New drugstore opened at 87th Street and 5th Avenue


  • Saint Giovanni Restaurant and Pizzeria opened at 8622 – 4th Avenue


  • Champions Martial Arts is opening where Navarro’s Hardware used to be on 3rd Avenue and 93rd Street  (Navarro’s moved to a larger shop across the street)



  • Chase Bank on the corner of 86th Street and 5th Avenue closed – next to American Greetings


  • Lincoln Sportswear 8420 – 5th Avenue


  • Laudry on 3rd is out of business. 8020 3rd Avenue


  • Nathan’s on 86th Street in Bay Ridge is closing  – January 6th is the last day it will be open.


  • A new gym is opening at  8701 4th Avenue above DII store (it’s where the Dolphin gym used to be) 


  • Paws Truly Pet Store will be moving and sharing space with AppleTree Natural Market at 7613 – 3rd Avenue – see here


  • Painted Pot is NOT closing at the end of January – owner changed her mind.


December 2018


  • MARUTI 9116 CORP (signs says 9116 only now) took over the storefront of Sapan Convenience across the street from Foodtown – 9116 – 3rd Avenue


  • Vita Be Well opened at 8503 – 4th Avenue. There was a cleaners there before.


  • Senator Marty Golden’s office at 7408 5th Avenue (Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis no longer has an office now)



  • Zen at  7609 –  3rd Avenue has a for rent sign in the window.  The owner of Zen is retiring.   I loved his store for all of the emergency birthday gifts I was able to pick up there!


  • Hot Wok at 119 Bay Ridge Avenue closed


  • The Irish Imports stores closed this year – but I didn’t notice when 8508 3rd Ave


November 2018


  •  Associated Supermarket 86th Street and Gelston Avenue is closing – currently they have a 25% off sale.


  • Marty Golden’s campaign office at 7615 – 3rd Avenue cleared out fast.


  • The Coop closed to do renovations and never opened again.


  • Mon Gateau Bakery 8101 – 5th Avenue. In August they closed for renovations….They reopened, but now their storefront has been cleared out – gates down for good. This bakery only opened in the Spring of 2017.





October 2018






  • Jet Beauty Supplies 8301 5th Avenue has closing signs up


  • Sammy’s Closeout on 5th Avenue and 84th Street has closing signs up



  • C & S Jewelers 9403 – 3rd Avenue –  Closed Down – Richie died last Spring, but the store has been cleared out entirely now.


September 2018


  • Zohny Tours Closed (Travel Agency near the Bay Ridge Station)  6808 – 4th Avenue The storefront is about 1000 square feet – $4700 a month






August 2018


  • Nailspree, a new nail salon – see here – opened across the street from Foodtown and close to Mimi’s nail salon.


  • The owner of No Quarter Tavern at 8015 5th Avenue closed her business due to gang violence. The storefront on it’s left is also empty. See here


  • Navarro’s Hardware moved across the street into the former Morris Discount was on  93rd Street and 3rd Avenue. Now 9301 3rd Avenue is empty.


  • Bagel Story is opening where Sally’s used to be 8501 3rd Avenue


  • Broadway Pizzeria is opening at 534 86th Street (a cycling fitness storefront was there before)….this is near the pet store.


  • Spirit Halloween Store opened where Babies R Us was in Cesear’s Bay/Kohls Shopping lot. It’s only for the Halloween season of course.



  • Davis Vision Works at 455 86th Street closed. It was the eyeglass store near Victoria Secret on 86th Street. He moved to the Gateway Mall. 494 Gateway Drive – now called Davis Vision


July 2018


  • Jay Cleaners at  274 93rd Street closed (on the side street next to Rite Aid) closed. If you had clothes there, you can fill out this form 


  • Shawarma Al Sham open at 7701 -5th Avenue. It’s looks like it is very well received as it was busy. This corner has had some great   Middle Eastern places, but they don’t last (so hopefully this one does)  Kababgi closed in the Spring. Before that it was Marouch, Beit Sitti, Kan Zaman and Adana Mayka (it had a big red awning)


  • At 7026 3rd Avenue (where Mama’s Greek Restaurant used to be) there is a new restaurant called Ginnys $5 to $9 which sells American Chinese Food (chicken, beef, ham and fish). They put out  hanging baskets with flowers a few weeks ago, along with some shrubs in the front of the restaurant. A worker there told me they be opening on July 13th.  Update: They have several dishes to choose from (most are $9.79). They were open during the Summer Stroll and the place looks trendy. The people who ate their said the food was good.


  • Just noticed Tang Spa opened where Horizon Health and Surgical used to be at 7406  – 5th Avenue next to Connors and Sullivan/Senator Marty Golden’s office. Price list and no shadiness.


  • Commercial Property for sale – 7810 – 5th Avenue




  • Cheesecake Diva 7309 -3rd Avenue opened where Ten Below Ice Cream used to be (next to Vessuvio’s)


  • Gyro King is setting up at King Falafel’s old spot on 3rd Avenue  and 74th (next to Sancho’s Restaurant)


  • Big Willy’s Brooklyn Cheesesteak on  3rd Avenue between  72nd & 73rd Street.   They put up a sign and then took the sign down.


June 2018


  • Circle’s Cafe moved from 6901 3rd Avenue (after being in that spot for 40 years)  to 6931 3rd Avenue into the old Cangianos spot. Now 6931- 3rd Avenue looks very bad,



  • Broadway Pizza is opening at 534 – 86th Street (next to Associated) off Gelston.




  • Ross Barkan opened a campaign headquarters at  307 82nd Street.




  • Marty Golden campaign office is at 7615 – 3rd Avenue – formerly the cell phone store — inbetween Appletree and DanJou Salon 


  • Morris Discount 9223 3rd Avenue is closing. This store has been a staple in Bay Ridge for many years and I am sorry to see it go.



May 2018


  • C&S Jewelers on 3rd Avenue and 94th Street closed – Richie passed away – see here


  • Papa John’s  at 9058 Fort Hamilton Pkwy  closed – the sign is gone and paper is on all the windows. Address removed from online.



  • Max Rose, Democratic Candidate for Congress opened an office at 9718 4th Avenue (where Santa Maria Deli used to be)



  • Frank and Eddie’s Meat Market closed. The FOR RENT sign was up in the front window for awhile.  This meat store has been my meat store for many years before we lived in Bay Ridge. I’m sad to see it close.



  • Catrina’s Mexican Grill opened at 7613- 3rd Avenue (Longbow Pub closed in November)




  • Dixy Chicken is closed by the Department of Health – 5th Avenue and 75th Street


  • Bogati Cafe  417 -92nd Street opened on May 10th (where Darn Donuts auxiliary shop was on the side street) 718-333-5552


  • Remax Realty Office  is opening on the corner of 95th Street and 3rd Avenue. Originally a tapas place was supposed to open there, but that never happened. This office storefront is next to Bake Ridge Bagels.


Formerly – Nothing Fits on 86th Street See listing here


April 2018



  • Szechuan Garden Chinese Take out Restaurant, 9112 3rd Avenue closed (Next to Nino’s). If you dial their number Peking Chicken Restaurant (93rd and 3rd Avenue) answers.


  • Johnny’s Burgers on 3rd Avenue between 94th and 95th Street closed  (Very sad as the owner was very excited to be in business. The Donut Stop was there before it). The building next door is for sale at 4.3 million dollars (it had the Green Market in it, but it hasn’t been open for years)


  • Don Mario moved into the Hen House’s spot 7302 3rd Avenue (was at 7215 – 3rd Avenue)



March 2018


  • 1-800 Flowers store at 8622 4th Avenue is closed.


  • Piccante opened at 7214-A 3rd Avenue  (formerly Polonica’s first store….Polonica is now at 8303 3rd Avenue)



  • Kababgi Grill  7701 5th Avenue closed  (this location has had many businesses and nothing seems to stay open here – maybe a daycare or a church needs to go here)


  • Kruchkow’s Shoe Store 7808 5th Avenue closed after being in Bay Ridge for 110 years – story here


February 2018




  • Wagging Tails Pet Store opened at 9508 – 4th Ave (from Furs and Fins). This location was a real estate office/employment office.


  • Pep Coffee and Bake Shop finally opened at 9413 – 3rd Avenue (Dyker Car Service used to be there).


  • KeyFood on Bay Ridge Avenue is expanding into the next building and will sell more organic foods. It’s becoming a Super Fresh Store (a little different than  KeyFood, but same group of store). 


  • Kims Nails on 4th Avenue is gone.


January 2018



  • Paws and Claws – closed 57 Bay Ridge Avenue –  this place has been a fixture in Bay Ridge for many years and it’s sad to see it closed so abruptly


  • Affinity Biotech   Pharmacy – 8312 3rd Avenue – I just noticed it was gone.


  • Sallys Coffee Shop closed a long time ago (it was first announced that they were renovating). Cocoa Grinder is renovating the store and extending there. 8501 3rd Avenue




  • King Falafel closed 7408 3rd Avenue. The gigantic King Falafel sign is gone!



  • Quench Liquor Store 7606 – 5th Avenue closed. I didn’t notice exactly when it closed (it was open in the Fall). I just saw the empty storefront. Quench had been open since August 2012There are three liquor stores in the area now so maybe they weren’t getting the same traffic any more:
    McGovern’s Wines & Liquors  7304 3rd Ave
    Peppino’s Liquors & Wines  7723 3rd Ave
    Long’s Wines and Liquors  7917 5th Ave





December 2017



  • Nicole Malliotakis failed campaign for mayor had a headquarters at 7919 – 5th Avenue (next to Long’s Liquor Store).  A Bay Ridge resident noted that a mess was left by Team Malliotakis and in March 2018, the mess was still there.  Malliotakis should have contacted the owner and gone to clean up the place when her staff didn’t and it was pointed out to her.



  • Fish and Fins Pet Store 9302 – 4th Avenue closed.  They are moving to 95th Street and 4th Avenue (Wagging Tails) – across the street from St. Pat’s Church


  • Pep Coffee Shop opened where Dyker Car Service used to be at 9413 – 3rd Avenue


  • Le Nar Hookah & Grill 7214 3rd Avenue  is closed and the  place is for rent – $4200  a month



November 2017


  • Longbow Pub 7316-3rd Avenue announced it was closing.


  • Narrows Animal Hospital closed without notice just a note on the door. If your pets records are there, you can call Animal Health Center @ 212-360-5820. They are mailing out records.



  • The Little Flame has closed down – 8727 4th Avenue.






  • The Wicked Monk  9510 3rd Avenue expanded into the empty storefront (formerly Remax Metro) and creates a much needed party room connected to their current restaurant/bar.


  • Tacos Nopal 8321 5th Avenue gets a new storefront look (under new management) and people are loving the food. (Just setup in July 2017 in the old Chiquita Mexican Restaurant spot)



  • October 2017


    • Polonica opened at  8303 – 3rd Avenue – formerly Spartan Soulvaki  (which closed in July 2017). Polonica is a well known Polish Restaurant that was on 72nd Street and 3rd Avenue for decades. It closed this July and everyone missed them.

    Polonica is opening



    • We noticed Dyker Car Service office was closed.  9413 – 3rd Avenue  (Update: Marine Car Service has also closed and is now with Harbor Car Service)


    • Ten Minus Ice Cream 7309 3rd Avenue is closed – not seasonally closed.  Next door (7311 – 3rd Avenue hasn’t been open in years – see here)


    Septermber 2017



    • Good Luck Convenience Store  9224 4th Avenue (next to Gustaro) closed



    August 2017


    • Panera  531 – 86th Street closed.


    • Kevin Peter Carroll, City Council candidate opened a store front at 552 86th Street (see May for the closed pic)


    • Patsy’s Pizzeria is opening at 8814 – 3rd Avenue where Trace (Mexican Restaurant) used to be. (Community 10 will decide if they get a liquor license on September 14th)



    • Fairytale Island – indoor cafe and playground for children is coming to 7110 – 3rd Avenue (formerly The Ridge or better known for being TJ Bentley’s). Soft opening October 28th.


    • All About Beauty Salon 8315 5th Avenue (there was a tile store there before it was a hair salon)


    • Slightly outside the hood – Puritan Luncheon on Bay 8th is now called Mike’s Place (in Staten Island a lot of dinners became Mike’s Place)


    July 2017


    • Expedia Travel Agency opened at 7618 – 3rd Avenue. See pictures here. A small grocery store called Armari Grocery Market was there before.


    • Lola’s Boutique is closing at the end of this week – (posted 7/24/17) – 8503 – 3rd Avenue


    • Spartan Souvaki II opened in February 2015 and is now for sale – 8303 – 3rd Avenue. Glad we still have the original Spartan restaurant as their food is fantastic 6824 – 8th Avenue and they deliver to Bay Ridge


    • Polonica Restaurant had been in business since 1991. 7214 – 3rd Avenue. The owner said he may open in another area at a later time.


    • Tacos Nopal opened at 8321 5th Avenue looks great  – it’s where Chiquitita Mexican Grill used to be.

    • Lily Bloom Bakery is getting ready to open in Caffe Bene’s old spot  8614 – 5th Avenue.


    • Dyker Car Service – I didn’t notice when they closed, but they have been closed every time I passed.


    June  2017


    • Ben’s Pizza on 82nd and 83rd has been closed by the Department of Health (Open again)



    • Nothing Fits on 86th Street is closing. The manager said it is because of renovations.


    • Deliso’s Confections closed their Bay Ridge store  –  278 – 87th Street. They are still an online business.



    • Bay Ridge Public House closed (at first they said it was temporarily closed until 7/31, but they never reopened – their website and fb page are gone)

    • Nile Pharmacy opened at 6924 – 5th Avenue – Carvel Ice Cream used to be in this spot.   Nile Pharmacy info and pics


    • Bab Marrakech 7317 – 5th Avenue opened  where China One Fresh Taco take out place was (next to Schnitzel House)


    • Raine and Riley Children’s Store is moving to 9003 3rd Ave, where Baby Mama was located.  Now 276-91st Street is empty. (Reviewed in May 2018)


    • Tacos El Nopal is opening at 8321 – 5th Avenue where Chiquitita Mexican Grill used to be.


    • Justin Brannan for NYC Council opened an office at 8115 3rd Avenue, where a store called A Gift to Remember was located years ago.


    • Khader El-Yateem for City Council opened and office at 509 85th Street, formerly Harvest Grill had formerly been. If you don’t know the place, it’s because it is a side street. Before it was Harvest Grill, it was Fattoush Juice Bar



    May  2017





    • Gama Group NYC Realty office moved into 9407 – 3rd Avenue. They rent apartments in Bay Ridge. See here.   This was formerly a cell phone store called R& I Wireless.  See here


    subway 5th avenue brooklyn 11209 closed


    • I just noticed Bay Diner Cafe opened at 535 86th Street (formerly Istanbul)   718-715-2466


    • Spa at 552 86th Street had a closed sign



    April 2017


    • Five Guys Burgers and Fries – 8510 5th Avenue  – many people will miss their seasoned fries. If you do, just go to Cesear’s Bay and there is another Five Guys Burgers and Fries there (adjacent to Starbucks).


    • Benevento Pizzeria 8504 – 5th Avenue – Open in 2015. I didn’t notice this store front empty until now so it could have been closed for awhile. Before it was Benevento, it was Mancini Pizza and Cousins Pizzeria. There’s another one in Brooklyn, but the owner filed for bankruptcy.


    March 2017


    • Dixy Chicken opened at 7504 – 5th Avenue where Chubby Burger was


    • Mantello 9303 3rd Avenue – small shop with collectibles, art and small furniture pieces


    • Sakana Sushi & Asian Bistro opened where Bullshots Bar (closed in July 2015) used to be at 8121 5th Avenue.


    • Not in Bay Ridge, but well known in the area, the Vegas Dinner closed. See: here


    • Chic Boutique opened at 8122 3rd Avenue where Kasper Polish deli used to be (Kasper closed in April last year)


    February 2017


    • Caffe Bene – 8614 – 5th Avenue – quietly closed. I’ve noticed the gate down for two weeks now. There is another Caffe Bene at 6307 18th Avenue.


    • Ruzana  – Shawarma sandwiches served here. Opened at 486 – 85th Street (on the side street – not on the avenue)


    • Chic Boutique of Bay Ridge opened at 8122 3rd Avenue (a mini mart was there before)



    January 2017


    • Closing 1/27: Shore Road Deli 9316 3rd Avenue – Dennis & Lisa are still available for catering.  718-702-3376




    • Public House opened where Full Moon Saloon at  8309 – 5th Avenue


    • Sinbad Seafood Restaurant opened where David’s Brisket House or My Brisket House was at 7721 – 5th Avenue (Closed in the Fall. David Brisket House on Nostrand Avenue is alive and well though)


    • Le’Jemalik Salon and Boutique opened at 6915-5th Avenue – beautiful storefront. It’s a salon that caters to  Muslim women, but also all women – their updos are beautiful. They do hair, makeup and even sell gowns. Prior to being a salon, it was the Islamic Book and Tape store



    December 2016


    • Beverly’s Trimming Shop closed – what a loss to Bay Ridge sewers and crafters – 7820 5th Avenue.

    • Baya Bowls  juice bar opened on 94th Street and 3rd Avenue


    • Little Cesear’s Pizza  8622 – 4th Avenue closed because a contractor tapped into another tenant’s gas line (see story). It was suppose to be temporarily closed, but the place never opened again.


    • Georgian Cuisine opened  at 8309- 3rd Avenue See herethis is where everyone is getting the cheese boats from.
    • New 10 Minus Ice Cream opened at 7309 3rd Ave – They may have opened last month, but I just heard of them now. This shop is next to Vessuvio’s.
    • Chubby Burger  7504 – 5th Avenue was closed – health notice on the door.
  • chubby-burger-bay-ridge
    • Subway – 7504 3rd Avenue closed.


    • K&S Nails  5th Avenue between 74th Street & Bay Ridge Pkwy.  (Coco Nails opening in the same spot)


    November 2016






    • Full Moon Saloon 8309 – 5th Avenue Closed. It’s being renovated to be another bar/restaurant
    • The Brooklyn Firefly opened where Yellow Hook Grille was on the corner of 70th Street and 3rd Avenue


    October 2016


    • 91 Fried Ice Yogurt Closed (a similar type place opened on 3rd and 73rd if you miss this place)





    • Blue Door Souvlakia Greek Restaurant is opening in the Pig Guys old spot (they were cooking outside  at the Third Avenue Festival – see pics)


    • Towne Boutique opened at 8319 – 3rd Avenue  where Beauty City Hair Salon/Attraction Beauty Salon and Impulse Salon were all located. The location just wasn’t right for a hair salon – let’s hope this cute boutique does well here.


    • David’s Brisket House or My Brisket House closed (David’s Brisket House on Nostrand Avenue is alive and well)


    • NY KosharyKusharista Mediterranean Restaurant opened where Your Baker used to be at 518 86th Street


    September 2016




    • Darn Donuts closed and re-opened at their shop on 4th Avenue and 87th Street. They also have a new little shop opening on the side street –  92nd Street between 4th and 5th Avenue.



    • A bank (no sign yet)  is opening on the corner of 92nd Street (9202 -4th Avenue). New Victory Pharmacy moved down to a smaller shop at 9216 in May.
    • Peppino’s Liquor Store opened at 7723 – 3rd Avenue (next to Cappuccino Cafe)








  • Zekes Closed


  • zekes closed bay ridge





    July 2016


    • Bath and Body Works opened where Pretty Girl Clothing Store was on 86th Street



    June 2016


    • Artisan Food Valley Deli on 3rd Avenue (between 92nd and 93rd Streets) closed.



    May 2016


    • Trace Mexican Restaurant closed


    • CoCo Fresh Tea and Juice opened where Planet Wings was at 8612 — 5th Avenue


    • BurgerFi opened at 719 – 86th Street where Bella Luna used to be located.


    • New Victory Pharmacy on the corner of 92nd and 4th moves to a smaller shop on the same block at 9216 – 4th Avenue



    • Samia’s Restaurant 7809 – 3rd Avenue opened near their store 7922 – 3rd Avenue (was formerly George and Sally’s Restaurant that closed last Spring). Samia wanted to be able to give jobs to women.

    samia bay ridge



    April 2016 





    March 2016



    • I noticed Gothic Furniture was gone from 6929 – 5th Avenue.  I’m not sure how long they have been closed.




  • May 2015 







  • July 2014






  • June 2014





  • February 2014


  • Le Nar Cafe Hookah Lounge opened at 7214 – 3rd Avenue. It’s between the Polska Market and the Polonica Polish Restaurant.


  • Shirley Day Spa at 7811 – 5th Avenue was closed. See newspaper for more infoIn March 2018, this location still hasn’t been rented to another business. 




  • The Mom and Pop stores in Bay Ridge give the neighborhood it’s flavor. Even the local vape shops and many hookah bars keep Bay Ridge vibrant. You may not like Hookah, but if you live in Bay Ridge you know that these store owners  invested a lot to be in this community. I love their vibrant awnings that I imagine took hours to choose! To me, it’s all just signs of the American Dream still alive in Brooklyn.


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