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January 8, 2018

Barkan Advocates for Sidewalk To Be Plowed – Golden’s Staffer Argues Against It


ross barkan

Ross Barkan tweeted that NYC should plow sidewalks. In Bay Ridge, where there is a large elderly population, this is a FANTASTIC  IDEA!





Senator Marty Golden’s staffer, John Quaglione argued against Bay Ridge having sidewalks cleaned because it would increase property tax.  Quaglione didn’t say a word when his boss, Marty Golden wrote a bill which gave huge tax breaks to Manhattan developers and everyone in NYC is paying more because of Golden’s bill for his developer friends. 


Quaglione should have taken the idea to his boss before shooting it down with negativity. But that’s what happens when someone is in a position too long!



Bay Ridge resident, Dn Helleix fired back at John Quaglione:









NYC Department of Sanitation wasted money designing and creating FIVE mascots and also hiring actors to wear the costumes. NYC has money to purchase plows to do sidewalks and Bay Ridge would love to be the test site. I don’t know why the Commissioner, Kathryn Garcia would waste money or time on mascots, when the city has so many needs.


This past year, Bay Ridge had so much trouble with pickups because Garcia used small trucks and the sanitation men couldn’t pick up furniture with the smaller trucks. In addition, the sanitation department is forcing residents in Bay Ridge to pull their garbage down the block in front of their neighbors home.





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