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October 7, 2017

The Backroom Deal Controlling Our Election


John Quaglione Backroom Politics Bay Ridge


If you follow politics in Bay Ridge, you know that John Quaglione and others have a “backroom deal” which controls our election.


John Quaglione told the paper in detail about the deal during the Summer. 


In the newspaper today, Gerald Kassar, chairman of the Brooklyn Conservative Party Julianne Cuba that John Quaglione said she was lying in the article.”  Kassar denied knowing anything about the deal. Update: Mike Long, head of the Cnservatives said that Kassar knew about the deal as Kassar had to sign the paperwork for the placeholder candidate, John Bruno to get the position and Quaglione to take his spot. 


You would think the Conservative Party would have an ounce of common sense and close the ballot line once John Bruno left it SINCE  John Quaglione blabbered about “the placeholder candidate”  to the press more than a month ago.  If the Conservative Party thought Quaglione was a good candidate, they would have given him the party line to begin with. 




The Conservative Party and everyone in Bay Ridge knows if there was any lies in that article, John Quaglione would have cried about it on social media in August when the article was published. Mike Long confirmed that Jerry Kassar knew about the plan, so this was a lie.




The Conservative Party is hoping we didn’t notice that John Bruno quietly slipped out of the city council candidate position and into a judge position on September 19th. Quaglione slipped into Bruno’s spot and thanks to the great reporting of Julianne Cuba, Bay Ridge has been made aware of this.    John Bruno should not be running to be a judge when he is involved in this type of scheme. 



If this wasn’t “a deal,” Quaglione would have thanked the Conservative Party for their endorsement all over social media. Congressman Dan Donovan endorsed Liam McCabe and then John Quaglione as a second choice and Quaglione went crazy posting about it on social media. Quaglione sent out press releases of the second place endorsement (notice he provided the picture for the article). 


If it wasn’t a deal, someone would have given John Bruno a donation for the election. Are you telling me that not one Conservative and no one in the Dyker Heights Civic Association would give John Bruno even a $1.00 for the election. Campaign Finance shows he didn’t raise even $1.00 for this election.


John Quaglione is the one who lacks decency here, because Kassar didn’t say Julianne Cuba lied, Kassar said that John Quaglione said Julianne Cuba lied. The onus is on John Quaglione to tell the truth about his loose lips and the reporter’s reputation.  Quaglione, the father of two girls did not issue an apology even after Mike Long came out and said the truth (Kassar knew about the deal and Quaglione participated).



John Quaglione backroom deal Julianne Cuba Bay Ridge



Quaglione lives in the world of politics where people scheme to win elections, but the reality is these men are controlling our election with their “placeholder candidate” and plan to slip the Republican candidate on the line. His wife and daughters have to live in world where men control the election. John Quaglione is participating in controlling this election with the Republican/Conservative Party. Quaglione doesn’t know how to be independent and do the right thing. His name should not appear on the ballot on party lines he did not win.  This isn’t a movie, this is an election for a local seat and his wife should have told him to do the right thing. 


Quaglione should have issued an apology to Julianne Cuba by now and refused the Conservative Party line, as it wasn’t obtained in a democratic way.  If Quaglione lived in Iran, “placeholder candidates” are normal there, but this is Bay Ridge, Brooklyn and his integrity is on the line in front of his family, neighbors and this community. 




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