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  • October 28, 2012

    Are NYC Public Schools Closed on 10/29 for the Hurricane?


    Yes! Mayor Bloomberg announced that NYC public schools are closed on Monday 10/29 for Hurricane Sandy. They have to be because MTA is closing down tonight and many schools in Brooklyn, QUeens and the Bronx are being used as evacuation centers.

    Bloomberg thought Governor Cuomo and he coordinated the preparation for this hurricane well. he said our police and firemen will help other areas outside the city if needed, Bloomberg said that the high tides and the wind will bring in a lot of water and flood a lot of areas in NYC – estimated at 6 to 11 feet, The worst of the storm will be on Monday night. Bloomber said that tomorrow night we are expected to be hit worse than tonight.  

    I am sure he will get the MTA to open back by Tuesday though.


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