March 22, 2019

Al Shaibani Restaurant Opens in Bay Ridge

Al Shaibani Restaurant opened at 7317 – 5th Avenue in Bay Ridge where the Moroccan restaurant, Bab Marrakech used to be.


Councilman Brannan and Senator Gounardes were there for the Grand Opening! Look at the cute little boy that the Senator is speaking too.



This restaurant is next door to Schnitzel Haus. A resident posted pictures of the bread on twitter.





Al Shaibani serves Yemeni food. I saw someone having bread there last week and it looked great. They recommended the haneeth, saltah and fahsah.


They have a lot of Yemeni vegetarian dishes – foul, fousuilia and shakshousha.



Lots of luck to the new owners – may their new business be very successful! 




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