About Me

I’m a Bay Ridge resident who makes lists and watches politicians.

I write here because a lot of things happened when we weren’t paying attention.

Our property taxes skyrocketed while one politician in our area made this bill and Nicole Malliotakis voted in favor of it. Malliotakis was silent on social media after the vote. When I tweeted about her voting for it and being silent, she blocked me.


Bay Ridge pays twice what  Park Slope pays for property tax and they thought rich Manhattan developers needed a tax break. This is the building they gave the tax breaks to….One57 is it’s name. Here’s a video.


I link to the information that I write about, so you can see it for yourself. I’m not here to write things that aren’t true – that doesn’t benefit anyone.



I don’t know any of the current politicians in our area personally and they don’t know me. 



If you see anything untrue here, let me know.


I love lists  and share lists to my friends – this is my best Bay Ridge list, but the holiday ones are pretty good.

This sums up life:















Nicole Malliotakis’ campaign staffer thinks I am at the computer every time a blog entry goes up. I tried to explain that blog entries are scheduled and that I am not using the computer when they are published. This November, Nicole Malliotakis endorsed a candidate who admitted to taking money from a developer. Malliotakis supported Steve Saperstein after the November 2018  Xaverian debate where he admitted this.  Maybe that’s okay in Staten Island where developers took over, but that is not okay for Bay Ridge.

The date and time can be chosen for entries:





Today is 2/25 –  I could die and this blog would go on for over a month without interruption:






There are just so many events happening in the community! That’s what makes it so great.