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May 11, 2019

68th Precinct Responds to 2.5 Year Old Tweet



68th precinct responds to 2.5 year old tweet in bay ridge



68th precinct responds to 2.5 year old tweet



Someone new must be working at the 68th Precinct and received access to the Twitter account this week.  He or she read Bay Ridge Driver’s tweet from 2.5 years ago (November 2016) and responded to it (probably not realizing how old the tweet was)




While residents joked about the police’s tweet, we didn’t see the humor.  


Everyone has seen the video – it’s the street corner of the former state senator’s home. I wrote about it last year – See here.   A street light was not added there and the NYPD looked away for years. This video was even on the evening news! And still nothing was done about it.


That’s how we know it has to be a new employee accessing the 68th Precinct’s account – a better cop who hasn’t been turned by the system yet.



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