May 20, 2020


The Moroccan American House Association at 307 Bay Ridge Avenue held an online meeting the politicians. Hamza Karb was the moderator.


Interestingly, the format for their group was not a webinar, as most of virtual meetings for Bay Ridge have been. 


Although the flyer said it was being held on one Facebook page, it was on a totally different page. When the location changed, the pols didn’t post a link to the new location, which was strange.






The virtual meeting provided very general information. If you were out of state for the past month, the information might be useful, but not for Brooklynites who have heard all this general info.



At first,  I was disappointed by Max Rose, but then the new father announced his cell phone number. He said that if anyone wasn’t receiving help from his staff, to contact him.  


Residents in the area asked very interesting questions, but most went unanswered. 


Mildly amusing was watching Andrew Gounardes fight with his name on the screen instead of moving to his left. 


At one point, Senator Gounardes was texting while on the screen. You would think someone would tell him to move over, but no one did.



Brannan gave the traditional politician banter – nothing new.  




When Brannan wasn’t speaking, he was busy texting. I guess he thought no one could see him.  It’s so weird to see men do this. If you commit to being at a meeting, be present for it.




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