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October 17, 2016

200,000 Gallons of Pollution Goes into Coney Island Creek Each Day!




Yup, 200,000 gallons of pollution is going into the Coney Island Creek each day – 1.4 million gallons a week!  Courier Life Reporter, Caroline Spivack  has the most complete story on Coney Island Creek.


Coney Island Creek

Where is the Coney Island Creek? Part of the Coney Island Creek’s green smelly water runs near Home Depot and Raymour and Flanigan Furniture Store. You can see BklynJoey’s video here – he notes how polluted the water is as well.







Caroline Spivek wrote that some people have known about this report since the beginning of September!  If they knew, why didn’t they tell anyone until October?  Spivek even captured men fishing in the polluted water – see here.    The area has not been closed off to people!


Here’s someone’s catch on Saturday 10/15/16:



Why isn’t every news station reporting this?  It’s obvious that Councilman Mark Treyger didn’t press release this story. He  loves to release press releases about nonsense to local papers (see here, here and here) but when there’s a real problem, he doesn’t do much, other than wave his finger and slur some words (see video here).  Where is Assemblywoman Pam Harris and Senator Diane Savino on this topic?  Pam Harris hasn’t said anything on her FB page (other people have posted pics of a meeting about it) and her Assembly Page hasn’t been updated since July 2016. No updates on Senator Savino’s pages either.


You can see a tire in the creek in the picture below. Tires are thrown about and polluting Coney Island, but no one there cares so the problem gets worse and worse – see here.



Even stranger, in the video, Treyger acted as if Coney Island Creek hasn’t been polluted for many years when in fact it was  rated as the dirtiest water in NYC in 2014. It was rated 94% unsafe to swim in 2014, yet people don’t know that because there are no signs up explaining that.  Strangely, Treyger hasn’t suggested any laws or put any money towards putting up signs to keep people in his area safe. Often, he likes to blame negative things in the area on his predecessor, but that report came out in September 2014 and Treyger was the Councilman at the time.  NOW in 2016, when Treyger is aware that 200,000 gallons of pollution are going into the creek each day, he hasn’t done anything to warn people not to swim or eat fish from that water.  Treyger knows how harmful this is as he was around when the City placed a dump in a nearby area.  BUT THIS IS WATER THAT PEOPLE ARE USING – DO SOMETHING!


Spivak named the buildings that were polluting the area and this blog also mentions those buildings. Yet, Treyger is saying the EPA should clean up the mess? Treyger failed to mention any fines for these building owners – why?





Treyger spoke to Channel 12 News on October 8th. It’s October 17th, why hasn’t he updated the public? Where are all the press releases?


Channel 12 News reported that Pamela Pettyjohn of the Coney Island Beautification Project said: “That’s 1.4 million gallons a week. That is unacceptable.”   Really? That’s it?!  If that was happening in Bay Ridge, no one would just say, “that is unacceptable.”   People would be flipping out.  Do other Brooklyn pols understand the geography of the area and how the Coney Island Creek is connected to the water in Brooklyn?




Is the air quality safe for the baseball fields next to the Creek?





Also ironic is that the grocery store parking lot has a pipe which dumps into the Creek (see picture below). It’s suppose to have a pipe to go into the city sewer.




The other side of the parking lot near Starbucks and Raymour & Flanigan also has a pipe leading into the Creek (white pipe in the photo below)







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